Tuesday, 20 September 2011

09/09/11 Cristiano the Bomba @ Via dei Serpenti, Roma

In these days I was in Rome for a shooting for a magazine... I will keep you updated once the photos will be published. I had great time and I met some friends. What a lovely time I always have in Rome.

Cristiano / 28 / PIFEBO vintage shop owner

"Polo shirt is a must, better if made of silk! From may to september is the only item that I wear"

1. What´s your favorite item form your shop?
Leather bags and vintage Versace Sunglasses… inimitables.
2. What do you eat during your lunch break?
Rigorously by Mivloni. Authority in matter of pasta of Monti district
3. What the people should know about Rome?
Everywhere you go, you will find the same people… it's a big village!
4. What was the worst thing in these days?
The mornings
5. Your favorite thing about the city
There's nothing better than the yellow light of the street lamps that glow in the alleys
6. All your friends are going to London but...
… I don't go there! I prefer Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki.

I'm wearing a golf polo from 1987 that I love for the stamps on it and its shape. The Carhartt short were the only one clean in my wardrobe, and the sneakers are Adidas vintage… the love of my life!