Friday, 11 July 2008

10/07/08 Traffic Festival, Tricky + 2 Many Dj's + Soulwax + Battles + Fujiya & Miyagi @ Parco della Pellerina, Torino

Oisin / 20 / Grafic Designer

Dress: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Bag: Vintage, bought @ Balôn
Shoes: Jelly Mouse by Marc Jacobs
Glasses: Police

Viola / 20 / Actress

Sunglasses: Vintage, bought @ YouYou Shop
Leggins: American Apparel
Sneakers: Victoria
Dress: No Brand, bought @ Pea Market
Frisbee: Pimpumfrisbee by Oobie Doobie

Bine / 25 / Entrepreneur
Carlotta / 17 / Student
Lorien / 16 / Student

Dress: H&M
Leggins: Calzedonia
Bag: H&M
Sneakers: Frankie Garage
Necklace: selfmade
Fan: No Brand, bought @ Florence train station
Sunglasses: No Brand, bought @ Pea Market
Sword: 99cent
Dress: H&M
Leggins: Calzedonia
Sunglasses: Topshop
Kefiah: H&M
Sneakers: H&M
Bracelet: Biju Brigitte
Dress: Pharmacy Industry
Pin: YouYou
Sunglasses: Super
Sneakers: H&M
Bag: American Apparel
Sword: 99cent

Eleonora / 23 / You You Shop owner

Skirt: American Apparel
Tank Top (top): Cheap Monday
Tank Top (under): Petit Bateau
Cardigan: Toy4Joy
Sneakers: Reebok
Hat: Vintage, bought in Barcelona
Bag: Property Of...


teenvoguette said...

i love your blog! street styles are such great a inspiration

Frankfurt Fashion said...

like the style of eleonora...

Juli said...

I love your blog too, é la mia amore. =)

PolychromeMagazine said...

lorien ed eleonora sono delle fighe :D

Increase Your Website Traffic said...

I love the first girl's Vintage necklace it is amazing!
Ill be on the lookout now. I have those Marc Jacobs too =]

Brilliant blog!