Tuesday, 24 March 2009

21/03/09 Maledetta Primavera, Coffe 'n' Televisiøn DJ set @ 24, Salò (BS). Pt.2

Maria Adamo / 29 / PA to MD at DHL Aviation Italy

"I'm definately into the fur coat at the moment, and so am particularly happy that it's still fairly cold in the evenings, and the trip to Salò on Saturday definately called for the fur!
Yes, it's a real fur, but a vintage fur!
The fur coat seems to be bringing out in me the want to do around with this semi tarty look so I'm clashing quite a lot: the leopardprint tights, yellow shoes and red lipstick are all bold accessories but I like the way they look together. It's amazing what a fur can do!
The skirt is 1 of my favourites, and an easy going out skirt. I'ts very romantic, it has 2 layers, and the top layer is all embroidered, I love it, and the shoes.... only vintage... those kind of colours are difficult to find nowadays!"

Cardigan: Calvin Klein kids
Skirt: vintage selection @ Topshop Oxford Circus
Tights: Calzedonia
Shoes: vintage, Portobello Market
Belt: vintage, Portobello Market
Fur Coat: vintage, Portobello Market
Lipstick: Chanel

Nicoletta / 27 / Buyer and DJ @ Coffe'n'Televisiøn

"On Saturday 21st March I put on some hard discs at 24: here the tiger on my enormous tshirt wants to eat my titties. Here in Brooklyn NY we're all just simple guys and felines don't scare us much!"

Tee: Noir Kennedy X Hells Bells
Skirt: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Stockings: Calzedonia
Shoes: Surface to Air
Necklace: pass for "Tranoi.08"


L'armadio del delitto said...

Scarpe gialle e labre rosse,la ragazza della prima foto è fantastica!

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