Sunday, 12 April 2009

10/04/09 NEON DISCO, Edwin van Cleef + Tyler Nøze @ Somewhere in the sky of Milan

Daniele / Dead Meat Product Manager

"I love old school rock'n'roll and this outfit it's inspired at my idol Lemmy of Motorhead. You can find this in my shoes, in my cut sweatshirt ect... In this period I love to wear cut jumper and accessories in leather on skinny jeans to give the right contrast"

Sweatshirt: vintage, Levi's bought in London
Tees: Dead Meat
Jeans: vintage
Shoes: vintage, from my grandfather closet
Belt: vintage, bought @ Rokit
Socks: American Apparel


Anonymous said...

great outfit. it totally works!!
PIMPUMPAM will you marry me? LOLs

Pimpumpam said...

why not! But you have to say me whi are you!