Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Messing around in the night @ Viale Col di Lana, Milano

Pezphi / 24 / Designer

"When I get up in the morning I open my locker and put on something which reflects my mood at the moment.
Like when I dyed my hair I was/am listening a lot to Rock and Grunge and i felt that my haircolor should look like Kurt Cobain. Somehow that's the look I'm into right now - late eighties early nineties mixed with my personal influences..."

Shirt: vintage, Levi's bought @ Via Fauché Market, Milan
Tank Top: own creation
Pants: Cheap Monday
Socks: Hugo Boss
Shoes: Nanny State
Bag: Be Cool
Headset: Sony


Chloe said...

I honeslty like your style, with the skinny jeans. And jeans colour is really hot right now. But can I say something .. the hair colour, maybe little to orange to me.. less of it, would look great, I think :)

Anonymous said...

ma é possibile che fai le foto a tutti i miei amici :D hihihi grande pim pum pam :D