Monday, 19 April 2010

16/04/10 Public Design Festival, Desire of Summer @ Superstudio Più - via Tortona, Milano

Alessio Nardi / 23 / Product Designer

"It was supposed to be a summery look, then it started raining, thus the knitwear. The bag wasn't really a choice, don't wear bags but I needed one to survive a full day at the Fuorisalone."

1.Where you come from?
2.Where are you going?
London through a vulcanic cloud
3.Where you would like to return?
5 Terre
4. 3 albums of the moment
Pet Shop Boys - Behaviour
Galaxie 500 - On fire
Slowdive - I Saw the Sun (Unreleased)
6.Last book you read
"Easy way to stop smoking" - Allen Carr (it works!)
7. What have you had for breakfast?
A croissant
8. Tell me a remarkable thing that makes me remind of you
Forget me

Shirt: vintage, London
Knitwear: vintage, London
Loafers: vintage, London
Hat: Panama Pork Pie hat by Bailey of Hollywood
Bag: restored from my high school life


Outre Singapore said...

Very cool... I like! I really like style photos just after the rain, very crisp & clear and his whole look is appropriately refreshing.

Outré Singapore

Hadas Aharon said...

what a great style this guy has!

Esmoquin room said...

great look. I hope he had luck with the vulcanic cloud.


Killcherrylips/Be Mode! said...

i like this style and the mocassins! xoxo

manolo blahnik scarpe said...

i progettisti sono genio e non riesco a disegnare la mia vista via

family lawyers melbourne said...

love his bag and hat, very nice