Thursday, 19 May 2011

11/05/11 Noriko Okaku at MQ @ Museums Quartier, Vienna (A)

Noriko Okaku / 32 / Animation Artist

"I am wearing these clothes because today is hot!"

1. Where do you come from?

Originally, I come from Kyoto, Japan and now I live in London

2. Where are you going?

My temporary living space in Vienna

3. Where you would like to return?


4. 3 albums of the moment

I don’t listen to albums, I just listen to songs.

5. Last website you visited

Max Hattler

6. Last book you read

A book about Surrealism in Japanese by Akira Hamada, Tsutomu Kawakami and Shinya Tabuchi

7. What have you had for breakfast?

Apple juice

8. Tell me something I must know about Vienna

Vienna independent Short film festival!

9. Why you are here at the MQ?

I am participating in an Artist in Residence program at Quartier21

Shirts: Vintage

Bag: I got it from my mother, I think she said she bought it in France... long long time ago.

Trousers: Aimee McWilliams

Shoes: I got them in a small shoes shop in Japan


Maya H said...

She looks like her

Anonymous said...

she is amazing!

Prad Savania said...

Love the shirt - very cool look for summer..

Come check out my heel design blogspot too? I think you will like my hand-drawn designs...

Great job, take care x

Michelle Lee said...

love the pattern and color match :) so unique