Sunday, 9 March 2008

07/03/08 Bugged Out, Klaxons DJ set @ Pink is Punk - Magazzini Generali, Milano. Pt. 1

Lollo / 20 / Student in Mathematic for Applications

Sweatshirt: Cheap Monday
Jeans: Hells Bells
Sneakers: Nike Terminator
Jacket: VNGRD

Dada / 19 / IED Student in Photography

: Swatch
Belt: Nero Vernice 11.04

Rolando / 22 / Fashion Design Student

Hat: H&M
: Henrik Vibskov

Roberto / 23 / IED Student

Cardigan: H&M
T-Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Hells Bells
Sneakers: Kawasaki
Scarf: Kefiah


Fred The Mole said...

Hi from Paris !
Your blog is great !
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I would be glad to have your point of view …

Many Thankx

Fred the Mole

Giangi :D said...

Bellissimo Post! veramente..Giangi ;D

dADa said...

Ci sono Anche io! Wow.

Sono la pazza con il kiway swatch viola!


dADa (

ILook said...

wow, great catch!!