Sunday, 9 March 2008

07/03/08 Bugged Out, Klaxons DJ set @ Pink is Punk - Magazzini Generali, Milano. Pt. 2

Phil / 22 / Student in Economy
Hat: Vintage Borsalino
T-Shirt: Self Made (painted with Saratoga spray)
Glasses: YSL


Fred The Mole said...

Ok Pim !
You are linked from now to easyFashion in Paris !
Please don't forget to link back !

Fred the Mole

Esteban_Teby said...

Hi guys of "PIMPUMPAM" u have a amazing page, please add this new street style blog of "Santiago de Chile" to your links, I'll add u too...Thanks

Fred The Mole said...

Ah ah
The Moon-Boots of the second one are too much !!!


Anonymous said...

Phil had a great idea! I love it!