Sunday, 15 February 2009

12/02/09 Shopping Around @ Brick Lane, London (UK)


William Duncombe / 22 / Student

"My style is a mixture of Dickensian Gentleman and street urchin! My sartorial muse is Fagin off Oliver Twist. My outfit today was just for a casual shopping trip, I always try and make it really ironic, I'm really into turned up trousers with a tassled shoe at the moment... my favourite items of this outfit are the tassled shoes and the picnic basket, it's just super ironic !"

Jumper: vintage, bought in Birmingham
Jacket: vintage, Harris Tweed
Trousers: vintage, bought @ Rokit
Shoes: vintage, bought in Birmingham
Picnic Basket: from scope
Handkerchief: stolen by a friend from the costume department of Teatro alla Scala


Anonymous said...

Nice shots!!! London is always cool...
The close-up of the blonde girl is AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

That Will guy is so FETCH and CHUNG it hurts. I'm loving the street urchin vibe and the cheeky wave in the hair!


Olviya said...

he is gorgeous!
i cant believe there are such freeminded people!

lookbooker said...

Emma looks georgeous. Especially that tiger pattern in her hair makes the difference.

Federica - Inside a bullet with butterfly wings said...

that girl is so cute!

Mursal said...

so vintage on him

Ikechukwu said...

ingenious way to use a picnic basket! And it blends beautifully with his hair and subtle oranges and reds in his outfit. It's moments like this I wouldn't mind having red hair! Lol

Anonymous said...

The girl look is AMAZING! love it, her hair ahh love it!

Mezquite Bonsai said...

oh I love her pose, and her doll like type of in an old forgotten french film from the 60' this blog!