Sunday, 21 June 2009

Stil in... Milan @ Duomo, Milano

Dario / 22 / Street Style Photographer

"I was wearing this because it was my idea of a light outfit, in Berlin at least. In Milan it felt like a winter outfit and I was sweating all day."

1. Where do you come from?
2. Where are you going?
3. Where would you like to return?
4. Your 3 albums of the moment
Rob da Bank - Sci-Fi Lo-Fi Vol. 3 Shoegaze Compilation
Röyksopp - Junior
Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One
5. Last website you visited
Mine! Stilinberlin and Tumblr
6. Last book you read
"The Farewell Waltz" by Milan Kundera
7.What have you had for breakfast?
8. Tell me a remarkable thing that makes me remind of you
I somehow managed to survive for 6 months in Berlin without a job

Jacket: Weekday
Shirt: vintage, with an ugly collar that I turned inside-out to hide
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Shoes: vintage, that were $2
Bow Tie: vintage, clip that I use as a neckpiece from an antiques store in Copenhagen

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