Tuesday, 28 July 2009

27/07/09 TVFO, Casual Museumquartier @ VII. Neubau, Vienna (A)

Flo / 28 / Graphic Designer

"I like short fabric pants ever since. I like to blend styles between past-world-war-chique and a bit of 80s trash combined with the all famous London Style."

1. Where you come from?
I’m from Munich originally
2. Where are you going?
Staying in Vienna for a while, so let’s see
3. Where you would like to return?
I’m happy to find my way home when I was out, so basically: home
4. 3 albums of the moment
Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor
Empire of The Sun - Walking On a Dream
Fever Ray - Fever Ray
5. Last website you visited
6. Last book you read
"Unfun" by Matias Faldbakken
7. What have you had for breakfast?
A coffee and a yoghurt
8. Tell me a remarkable thing that makes me remind of you
My glasses & my business card (flashflash)

Shirt: H&M, customize by myself
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: Funk Food
Socks: H&M


andrea said...

pheeghi gli occhiali


cute socks xD

Olviya said...

glasses are so remarcable, as well as his socks