Wednesday, 12 August 2009

05/08/09 TVFO, Light Colours @ Museum Quartier, Vienna (A

Vroni - Maurin / 18 - 19 / Students

1.Where you come from?
Klimt exhibition
2.Where are you going?
4.3 albums of the moment?
V: David Bowie - Best of Bowie
Bat For Lashes - Two Suns
Anthony and the Johnsons - I am a Bird Now
M: The Kills - Midnight Boom
Bat For Lashes - Two Suns
Kings of Leon - Only by the Night
5.Last website you visited?
V: Partypics Passage
M: Youporn
6.Last book you read?
V: "Naokos Lächeln", by Haruki Murakami
M: "Kafka am Strand", by Haruki Murakami
7.What have you had for breakfast?
V: Zimtminnis and toast
M: Everything
8.Tell me a remarkable thing that makes me remind of you?
V: Haircut: Prinz Eisenherz
M: Goschert.

Dress: H&M
Cardigan: a present from Maurin
Shoes: vintage
Dress: H&M
Cardigan: a present from Vroni
Necklace: vintage, from France
Hat: a present from a boy I like


Antonio Barros said...

Lovely girls!

Anonymous said...

i love these girls.

Mezquite Bonsai said...

all of these pics from Vien are deli deli!! congrats =)

EGS said...

love both of them....take it easy!

Ilona Selina said...

cute! you live in vienna?