Monday, 19 July 2010

05/07/10 Hot Like Fire @ The XX - Alcatraz, Milano

Sonia / 19 / Would-be architect now jewelry maker

"I do not have a real style, I just go to periods, tonight I have choose something fresh 'cause the concert it's going to be "hot like fire" "

1.Where you come from?
From a street near here
2.Where are you going?
The XX concert
3.Where you would like to return?
In every place that I never have seen
4. 3 albums of the moment
Ratatat - LP4
Lykke Li - Youth Novels
5.Last website you visited
6.Last book you read
"Autobiografia Scientifica", Aldo Rossi
7. What have you had for breakfast?
3 coffees
8. Tell me a remarkable thing that makes me remind of you
In summer I never wear shoes

T-shirt: Zara
Shorts: Miss Sixty
Necklace: self made


manolo blahnik scarpe said...

flesh style and i do like this feel

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Prutha said...

lovely pictures!!!

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