Tuesday, 15 February 2011

12/02/11 After Twin Shadow Concert @ Schwedenplatz, Vienna

Anja / 31 / Student

"I like to feel comfortable when I go out, so I wear my favorite pants at the moment and of course my trainers. My cape is really a all-rounder. I love it because it fits perfectly with both: heels and trainers. To give my style a female touch I like to put on some red lipstick."

1. Where do you come from?
Originally I come from Carinthia, but I've been living in vienna for 6 years.
2. Where are you going?
I'm switching to another party
3. Where you would like to return?
Probably to the apartment I moved out one month ago
4. 3 albums of the moment
Twin Shadow - Forget
Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs
Destroyer - Kaputt
5. Last website you visited
6. Last book you read
"Der Simulant" by Chuck Palahniuk
7. What have you had for breakfast?
Müsli mixed with an apple and yoghurt and a cup of coffee
9. What I have to know about Vienna?
The awsome view from the Gloriette (in the Schönbrunn park) on an summer evening; you can see the amazing skyline of Vienna tainted in a warm red sunsetlight... bloody romantic!

Sneakers: Gravis
Pants: H&M
Coat: H&M
Scarf: self-knitted
Bag: The XX merchandise


Anonymous said...

A nice outfit....but the shoes????

LYDIA HOPE said...

I like the cape with the hareem pants - wouldn't pull it off myself but she looks cute x

blue roses said...

the camel jacket is incredible!


Anonymous said...

Merci d'avoir un blog interessant

Ramona Tabita said...