Sunday, 17 April 2011

07/04/11 Spring-blooming @ Lerchenferlder Straße, Vienna

Katrin / 22 / Make-Up Artist

"When flowers and trees begin to blossom I love to wear floral print an colors again, it makes me happy"

1. Where do you come from?
Tyrol, Austria
2. Where are you going?
To a costume fitting
3. Where you would like to return?
To the 50's, where everyone was classy
4. 3 albums of the moment
First Aid Kit - The big black and blue
Edith Piaf - Best of (always best to listen in spring!)
I Blame Coco - The Constant
5. Last website you visited
6. Last book you read
"Hectors Journey" by François Lelord
7. What have you had for breakfast?
Bread with jam and butter, earl grey tea
8. Tell me something I must know of Vienna
Vienna might not be a Fashion city right now, but there's already a lot happening so watch out

Bag: my mums closet
Coat: vintage
Jumpsuit: vintage
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo
Socks: H&M
Glasses: flea market


Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek said...

haha lots of tyroleans... i like!

Fräulein Annika said...

Ich mag deinen Blog - österreichischer Streetstyle ist immer noch selten, leider.


welovefur said...

I love it
I'm your follower. :=)
Your blog is amazing!!!!
I hope you will follow me
with love

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am certainly delighted to discover this. Good job!