Friday, 29 April 2011

21/04/11 Alone at the Concert @ WUK, Architecture in Helsinki + Russian Futurists, Vienna

At this concert I heard one of the funniest thing ever told on stage. The singer of "The Russian Futurists" to introduce the last song said: "This song is not in the hit list in Canada, neither in Austria... but somewhere in Burkina Faso, this song kicks the ass!!!" ahahah great!

Boelang / 23 / student

"I've mostly only ever been to really small noise shows Florida, so wasn't so sure how to dress for a regular show. I got these jeans recently and been wearing them everyday for a week trying to break them in/see how versatile I can make them. I've also been trying to figure out how to wear this t-shirt."

1. Where do you come from?
Delaware/South Africa
2. Where are you going?
To a concert by myself for the first time.
3. Where you would like to return?
Being five years old
4. 3 albums of the moment
Yebo Gogo - Bradenton Erica
Marsha Ambrosius - Late Nights and Early Mornings
Rifle Recoil - Rifle Recoil
5. Last website you visited
Coco & Creme
6. Last book you read
"Parable of the Sower" by Octavia Butler
7. What have you had for breakfast?
8. Tell me something I must know of Vienna
It's really such a lovely city, too bad about the people.

9. what's you favorite song of AIH?
Owls Go: "Attic in the basement with a knife serated... I'll protect you."
I am super bummed they didn't perform it.
10. Do you know Russian Futurist yet?
Yeah. I saw them on a list of bands to watch for 2011 at the end of the last year in UK newspaper. I actually enjoyed them more than AIH...

Turban: Malaysian National Day Reception
T-Shirt: Mother's Closet
Shoes: Somewhere near Stephansdom
Jeans: Naschmarkt
Tote: Harlemade


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Juliana said...

Boelang actually sings for Yebo Gogo herself! They're a great American electro group, check 'em out. Here's my favorite song: