Friday, 19 August 2011

14/08/2011 Between the tents @ Sziget Festival, Budapest

So… I'm very sorry for this lack of posts during this time, but believe me, that was a super-busy time, I changed job and so on… But the most important thing now is that: PIMPUMPAM is back!

I went to Budapest few days ago and on sunday I was at Sziget Festival! I always dreamt about it. Great mood, great people, great time!

Dori Berkics / 19 / Student

"This one was my last clean dress in the flat I was living in during the festival, so I was happy that it fit my mood and the weather as well… I don't really like spending much time on planning outfits, I prefer spontaneous decisions."

1. Where do you come from?
2. Where are you going after the Festival?
This was my second festival in August, so probably I'll stay in bed and keep sleeping for a week
3. What was the best thing in these days?
That I met so many cool and crazy people, and of course the concerts
4. What was the worst thing in these days?
Waking up was really hard, so I missed most of the afternoon gigs
5. How many beers have you drink so far?
Haha, I have no idea, I can remember that I certainly drank one each day... by the way I was wondering how many beer was drunk during the whole week, that could be such a big number!
6. Why Magyar is so difficult!? What I must know about this language?
Maybe because we have several different sounds to other languages, that are difficult for foreigners, or because the completely illogical grammar system... I think I wouldn't be able to learn it, if it wasn't my mother tongue

Thights, dress, sunglasses from H&M (well, I'm a bit ashamed of it… most of the time i'm wearing clothes that I've inherited from friends and family) and the shoes are from Tally Weijl, but I changed the shoelaces, and I've found the bag at home, between rattletraps; socks from Calzedonia sales


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