Thursday, 25 August 2011

14/08/2011 When the sun goes down @ Sziget Festival, Budapest

And then.. when the sun goes down… yeah well, I think this is the magic moment in every festivals, don't you think?

Jans Berden / 18 / Social work student

"I chose this outfit because the top and sunglasses look vintage and I like that. This summer was a very cold and rainy summer so in Hungary I could finally wear short pants."

1. Where do you come from?


2. Where are you going after the Festival?

I'm going to study in Breda, Holland.

3. What was the best thing in these days?

The amazing artists and bands and the great atmosphere

4. What was the worst thing in these days?

The mornings

5. How many beers have you drink so far?

I didn't count them

6. What do you remind of Magyar languages?

The only thing I know is that "Sziget" means "Island". It doesn't look like any language I know.

Top: I bought it in a small shop near my village.

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Footwork (Men at Work)

Sunglasses: Primark


Catherine said...

holland, yay, and oh i am jealous, sziget sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...

i looove this outfit ! ♥

pink shoelaces said...

Ilooove this outfit, awesome. This is really a good looking girl.

Zebber said...

Really this outfit very coool!!! May be you are right this designer sunglasses and small shirts look outstanding!! Thanks for these shoots :)

parfums said...

fabulous look and stylish. lovely outfit.